The best thing to do is now that you have to any the pay for the your a y I’m sorry o yI you I have had no a car and then I was am interested to get it back to you the day I had to go back on a couple weeks ago I was able Seaman and would be the one that you would be interested if I was able Seaman and

Its tight right now, know other way to tell yea. Things are starting to open up in the gulf oil fields, but that door might have closed with winter right around the corner.

You could try some of the offshore construction companies if you have a welding cert., but again they really man down during the winter.

Get over to rigzone several posting for AB’s and OS’s.

Join a union if you want deep sea.
If not, you better have a family member in the industry or personal contacts from previous job experiences.

What union? SIU? If so, call the Houston hall, I think they have AB spots right now on tugs.

Withdrawn posts. Must have found work.