AI created exam for VSO?

So I decide to take an online USCG approved course for VSO. They give you a login for an online interface, where everything is locked down. There is an E-book, quizzes and assessments, which are just bigger quizzes that count.

The E-book was written by some non american that has poor command of the language, and it appears, that someone else went through and changed things like recognise to recognize. However they could not do this on the question pool.

The question pool looks like it was written by AI. You have to recall sentence fragments from the E-book that are obscure, unimportant and only appear once if at all.

Here is an example of one of the questions verbatim;

The 33CFR 104.215 requires the shipboard and other personnel to be involved in a number of security task; identify one statement that is most appropriate.,

||Maintaining the TWIC is Ship Master’s responsibility||
||Maintaining the TWIC is a CSO responsibility||
||Maintaining the TWIC is a FSO responsibility||
||Maintaining the TWIC is a VSO responsibility ୰||

How does stuff like this get approved by the USCG?

Maybe I am asking too much/ That a course, lesson plan and exam be written by an American human being, make sense and be free from spelling and grammar mistakes.

Has anyone taken a class like this? How did you pass it?

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The obvious answer is:

My TWIC Card does not require any maintenance because no one ever looks at it.

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since 2009 I have been asked only a few times for my TWIC usually by the square badges in the booth at terminals.

I have never seen a real life twic reader.

PBF Delaware City is the only one I’ve seen and used. I had to dig the info card out to get my correct finger and PIN

The answer is “D”, Maintaining the TWIC is a VSO responsibility

You think that question is fk’d up? Wait until you have to take a senior-driver course online. . . :confounded: :face_with_spiral_eyes:

I placed a checkmark next to the correct answer.
To be thorough I pulled up 33CFR104.215 which by the way is not covered in the E-book to see exactly what it says.

(b) Qualifications. The VSO must have general knowledge, through training or equivalent job experience, in the following: (7)TWIC

(6) The VSO must maintain a TWIC. [so must everyone else in the question]
(vi) Ensuring compliance with the TWIC program requirements.
(12) Ensure TWIC programs are in place and implemented appropriately.

After using AI to generate multiple choice tests, this is way too good. I gave it sources and everything about COLREGS and Chat GPT was giving me questions like:

Collisions should be detected by:
B. Visual Observations
C. SONAR assisted Dolphins
D. Signal Flares