Hey I was offer from my union hall today Sailing for Alaska tanker company as a AB what to know is that a good job due to the fact I’m pausing to get my tankerman PIC , need some advice and what to expect on this hitch

I can’t believe this. Someone is asking for FREE ADVISE and not one answer? unbelievable!
OK Big fish, If your name has any ‘native’ alaska origins you’ll do just fine. Otherwise take some oil skins. When you get back you’ll be able to study even harder!

I know people who have sailed with ATC, and have worked indirectly with ATC myself. From what I have heard, this is a great opportunity.

If your pausing for your tankerman then that indicates you have the required loads and discharges and seatime to get the endorsement. What are you waiting for thats great gravy money there!

Thanks a lot