Advice on Becoming a Merchant Marine

I’m a senior in high school and I’m seriously considering becoming a merchant marine. I already have my TWIC and I’m working on getting my MMC but I not entirely sure what else I’ll need. I have no experience at all working on ships so would this effect whether I could a get a job or not? Also if anyone has any advice on what I can do to improve my chances of getting a job as a merchant marine, I would appreciate it. Thank you in advance!

My recommendation would be to search these forums. There are countless threads on different ways of entering the industry, whether it be through the hawsepipe or an Academy.

People with years and years of experience are having trouble finding jobs right now, maybe you should consider something else with more job security.

Join the Navy, Coast Guard, or the Army’s maritime corps then use the GI bill to pay for your classes. Or go to one of the maritime academies.

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At least please try to call us by the correct term. We are Merchant MARINERS for Christ’s sake.

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you have a long road… it’ll be worth it though. A few things:
[li]What area of the country are you in?[/li][li]Ships or Tugs?[/li][li]Passport?[/li][li]Ok with being gone from home and dogged on by some old timer for months and years on end? You’re always going to be the young guy until you’re the old guy.[/li][li]The deck or engineer thing will work out as you go along and find out what you’re best at.[/li][li]Find another trade to do while looking for a boat. Bayrunner’s right, it’s pretty skinny out there right now, but if you get papered up in another trade you can better your chances of landing a boat (mechanic, welder, equipment operator, etc.)[/li][li]Consider the Navy or CG, but get your Merchant Marine stuff done before you go in. You’ll get the experience, the GI Bill, AND all your sea time and training credits. The internet sucked when i joined the CG and I got out with 75% seatime and none of the training would transfer over. Plus when when you get out and look back you’ll only remember the good times.[/li][li]There is an additional bullet below this one that I can’t delete – weird. Or maybe it’ll go away when i submit this. Good luck kiddo.[/li][/ul]

[QUOTE=Bayrunner;190908]Join the Navy, Coast Guard, or the Army’s maritime corps then use the GI bill to pay for your classes. Or go to one of the maritime academies.[/QUOTE]

This right here…

An academy is probably your best bet, there are more jobs for third assistants/mates than wipers or OS’s

Here are links to the four year schools:

If you do not wish to attend a four year school there is the Seattle Maritime Academy but you will graduate with a QMED or an AB and this school is more geared toward workboats than blue water ships.

If you are bound and determined to start out as a wiper or OS (or if you wish to sail in the stewards department) then my advice would be to watch MSC as they tend to hire for these jobs more often.

Or you could apply to the SIU’s entry program.

I’ve found going to sea, to be rewarding so don’t get discouraged, it’s worth the effort.

Good Luck!