Career advice-Captain/Maersk

Hey I am looking for some career advice and I figured that I would weigh in the insight of some professionals in the industry.

I am currently a junior at the University of Tennessee and a double major in Logistics & Finance with a concentration in International Business. I am trying to figure out my career options and what I want to do with my life. So here is a quick background: I grew up on the the Tennessee River, spent my whole life around boats, 2 years ago I got my 50 Ton USCG Masters License and started working for Sea Tow moving boats around the river, and last year I did a Semester at Sea where I spent a semester on a ship calling on ports around the Atlantic.

So here is my thought. If I were to enter the Merchant Marines what would be some options for me? I would be open to attending a marine academy, but seeing as I am wrapping up 4 years of school already, it would not be my first go to. Also while I was in Europe and Africa I talked to some guys who worked for Maersk and it seemed to be a great company. Also I met a captain of a large Maersk ship and so if it would be possible, I would love to work my way up that way.

So are my hopes for becoming a captain of the big ships in Maersk completely off base? Or becoming a captain in general? Thank you for your time.

You can do that. You could have also done it without going to school for 4 years. I’m not dogging your education, I think it is great you are doing that, just the reality is that a higher education has no bearing in the scheme of progression as a merchant mariner.

Oh boy I have so many things I could say here. I’ll try to play nice today. As stated on numerous other current threads get an OS job somewhere first. Make sure this is what you want to do. You’re looking at whole different ball game between Sea Tow and Maersk. That’s like saying I played a flight sim game and I wanna try being an astronaut. It’s doable but the voyage from here to the Master’s chair is long and arduous. You met some people shared some stories and now it all sounds like the life for you. Try getting a summer job as an OS on a tug or some type of actual working vessel. It all sounds so romantic when the guy is bragging about the money and only working half the year. Walk a mile in his shoes and you may find out they pinch your toes and give you blisters.

I think our little darlin needs to read more old threads and ask fewer stoopid questions…

in time he will find the wisdom he seeketh…but it will be a very long time I fear

TNRV, welcome to my world. (Take a peek at my submission history for a glimpse as to what that one’s like).

Anyway, as has been said by c.captain, read the forums. Go through the history and read on all things relevant to you (likely everything). Then, when you think you’re ready to ask, read 'em again.

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I’d say do it. Go hit the companies in LA in person, start as a deckhand and work your way up. You will meet some people along the way that you will become great friends and others you hope that you never see again. Im not sure of your sea time, but after three or four hitches you can upgrade to a 100 ton license and start trying to move up. If you don’t like being offshore you can always fall back on your degree and find something else. Good luck and do it while you are young, unattached and unencumbered with life’s responsibilities.