Advanced Weather Training

I am getting ready to take weather at MITAGS next week. Any advice on how to make it through the class. I heard the instructor is pretty serious about his weather and 500 Millibars.

Lee Chesneau, the instructor, walks, talks, eats, breathes, and sleeps weather. He is a bit eccentric, but man can you learn some cool stuff from him. Prepare to have your brain bent a little bit, but you’ll (hopefully) come out knowing more about weather than you know about stripping.

Lee is the yoda of weather its one class that you will actually apply what you learn when you go back to work and a 500 mb map will never look the same to you again.
Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Good Luck

If you have any marine weather or weather routing questions I can try to answer them. The 500mb level is the primary steering level for most extra-tropical low pressure systems.

If you have time pick up “Meteorology Today” by Donald Ahrens

…Open your mind to the weather…and stay out of the casino’s next week…LOL

weather or not to bet 50 bucks, or a hundred, or all in.

All in !!!

thats about the only weather i know.

Here’s what I know about the weather. Today’s forecast: Generally light until sundown.

[QUOTE=Capt_Anonymous;7154]Here’s what I know about the weather. Today’s forecast: Generally light until sundown.[/QUOTE]

Or Light rain today and dark rain tonight.

Well, I made it to MITAGS just in time for supper Sunday night. Looks like it is going to be a long week. I have already been asked twice if I was here for the inauguration. This place is big. The wireless connection is in and out. I am sure the class is going to be top notch.

We went to the Ocean Prediction Center today. It was pretty interesting. Kind of neat to meet some of the guys whose names appear on weather report you get. I have to admit that out of all the Chief mate classes so far, this one has been the best as far as teaching me something I did not know. (stability and cargo to go). Lee Chesneau is a wealth of information and expects a lot out of his students. Putting this 500 Mb together with surface forecasts is very interesting. Ship weather reports that are sent in are used to correct models. The OPC also keeps track of how accurate your reports are normally and weighs their decision to use your report to correct a model based on your past history. The curriculum is dry at times and you have to pay attention to understand it. So it is challenging at times just to stay focused. Now with all that said I am ready to get this test over with and get the hell back to Florida…it is cold in Maryland. For anyone who will be at MAMA the last week of Feb. I will be there taking ECDIS.

Also. Out of all the schools I have been to. Martin International, Delgado, Chouest, Star Center, Sea School, Passport Marine,…MITAGS is hands down the best facility yet and I would reccommend them for your Chief Mate classes.

So, how is the weather where you have your head in your avatar? Shitty?

Lee, tell Lee that he owes us an article for the blog :cool:

Gotta love that dining room, eh Lee?

Strongly recommend paying attention in the Adv weather class. If Lee is still the instructor, really knows his stuff. Ask as many questions as possible. One of the most interesting classes at MITAGS.

I found most 3Ms and 2Ms were not into the subject but this attitude changes.