Advanced firefighting refresher

Im upgrading to a 500 ton and my 40hr advanced firefighting cert expired in may. Can I take the refersher course to renew it or do I have to retake the whole course again? I’ve been waiting 3 days to get an answer from the cluast guard

What dio you mean by expire? When did you take it, and when was your last MMC issued.

If more than 5 years ago, you need either refresher training or revalidation training to renew, You can take shorter revalidation training if you have at least one year of sea service in the past five years. If you don’t, you need the longer refresher training. You can also re-take the original course.

When I sent my application in i had a few months before my cert would be more than 5 years old. My application is in the qualifications phase and now my firefighting cert is over 5 yrs old. I received a letter saying that I need a recent firefighting course certification. I didnt know if a refresher course was all i needed to make it vaild again

Application submitted a few months ago . . . .

I’m the meantime certificates have expired. . . .

The effective, efficient, and brilliant NMC strikes again !!!

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I thought all they cared about was the date you submitted the application so if it was good when you submitted then you should be good to go. Did they change policy or was that never policy @jdcavo ?

OP said the magic words that require me to clam up - “I sent my application in…” My office does appeals of NMC application decisions. Those magic words indicate an appeal is in the realm of the possible.

The current NMC Checklist for Master 500 (and all the other ones) is pretty clear:

Advanced Fire Fighting Course within 5 years of application date

Is the application date the date the REC/NMC confirms receiving the application?

I think it’s the date you emailed the application, regardless of when they send the confirmation.

They must have changed it. My Certificate was only 2 months past being 5 yrs old. According to them it has to have been done within 5 years.

According to the checklist it has to be done within 5 years of the date you apply. If it takes them 6 months to look at the application they can’t bounce it because it’s expired if it was valid when you applied.

You should request reconsideration of that decision because it sounds like your evaluator doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

Was it less than 5 years old when you emailed off your application?