[QUOTE=cmakin;81334]I had to re-do the humanities portion of the project. Good ol’ Percy Bardot. He did like my second effort, though.[/QUOTE]

Oh my, Percy was there during my years also. Never had him. I took French so no humanities (I believe it was called Culture in my days there). I still can picture him after all these years. Short feller but always smiling.

[QUOTE=cmakin;81334] I was really too busy working, drinking and uh, visiting museums in port[/QUOTE]

You too, and here I thought I was the only one.

[QUOTE=cmakin;81334] I boarded my last ship as a cadet, opened up the drawers under the bunk, and WOW, a 10 year old complete second split engineering sea project. . . . . It was like the parting of the Red Sea.[/QUOTE]

I’m speechless - What were you smoking - a cigar and you went far?


[QUOTE=c.captain;81311]just as long as it wasn’t a Shwisher Sweet![/QUOTE]

That’s funny. I got a buddy, a retired logger, worked his entire life in the mountains (does he ever have stories, you think seamen have tales, we are no match for old lumberjacks). I hire him to help me take down trees the USFS designates as beetle infested and need to be cleared-out. This is how I get my fire wood (Tamarack and Douglas Fir) as I burn wood for warmth during the dark days. He loves swisher sweets, always has one in his beak but it’s never lit, all he does is chew on it.
I know you can’t wait to find-out the name of the cigar in the video so I’ll tell ya. It’s an Arturo Fuente Churchill, one could last me for hours of maneuvering back in the days where the First was a day worker and also responsible for spinning the throttles.
Ah, the old days!


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