What are my chances?

I’m a high school junior from Missouri with a little over a 3.0 GPA and a 29 ACT, I’ve taken all honors and AP courses throughout high school as well as playing sports every year and Spanish Club. I have always wanted to be a sailor but I don’t know much about these Maritime Academies. I’m most interested in Maine and Texas, but if anybody could give me insight on my chances of admission to ANY academy it would be greatly appreciated. THANK YOU!

You’ll get in.

Being from Missouri, you should have no problem get into KP. As far as the ones you want, you shouldn’t have any problem, but you’ll have to pay out of state tuition for those

ACT of 29 is good enough for any State academy or KP.

KP will take a close look at your medical history with possible disqualifiers of color blindness, ADD/ADHD medication, prior injuries, mental health issues including depression or flunking the drug test. Essentially, anything that will bar you from military service will keep you out of a Federal Academy. That said, if you have a clean medical record, you should shoot an application to KP.

Selecting a state school will become more of a personal choice. If you want to go marine Engineering - go to Maine. Deck, sailing blue water - Mass or SUNY. If you want to work the Gulf - Texas A&M (plenty of jobs servicing the energy sector) If the Great Lakes are more to your liking, they have a school for that as well. West coast - Cal Maritime, aka - Casual Maritime. Best part of Cal is they don’t get too hung up on the pseudo-military regimental BS and your years at the Academy might actually be enjoyable.

Despite all the chest thumping of which school is best - the truth is they are all good schools - so just pick the one that “fits” you best.

I live in StL and went to Texas…PM me any questions

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thanks guys i never really considered KP i got two D’s in college algebra so i just kind of counted myself out. Is it really that easy to get in?

I believe all the schools require algebra/Trig, applied Calc and physics. If you are weak in math, you will just have to work harder to master it. With an ACT of 29, you’ve got the smarts to push through.

All schools will provide extra help provided you seek it out. The schools really do want to see you succeed.