GLMA Application

Hi everyone. I am currently a Junior at Michigan State and will be applying to GLMA in a couple of months. I have a few questions for those who have applied to the academy or knows someone who has. I apologize if any of my questions sound stupid, I am simply nervous about getting in.

Firstly, what GPA are they looking for? Right now I have a 3.1. Secondly, where should the two required letters of recommendation be coming from? I haven’t worked in the maritime industry, so my letters would need to come from other areas.

Finally, will I increase my chances of getting accepted by applying early? I know they have rolling admissions, so my plan is to apply in June 2013, which is the soonest you can apply for Fall 2014.

I will pose these questions along with many others when I meet with an advisor at the academy, however I think it’s important to hear from those who have been where I am now and can give me useful tips to getting accepted.

Thanks in advance for any advice or words of encouragement.

A 3.1 is fine, they seem to look at the character of a person as much as or more than their GPA. Your letters can come from past professors/teachers, coaches, school admin, employers and so on.

It never hurts to apply early, but check as to when they begin reviewing applications. Just get in touch with John Berck, Mr. Berck is extremely helpful.

BTW are you planning on going deck or engine?


I’ll try to answer you questions as I also applied to GLMA last summer for this fall and ended up being accepted into the deck program. Are you interested in deck or the engineering program? Whats making you want to enter this career field?

I really don’t think it matters to much (but don’t take my word for it) on what your GPA is, though a 3.1 is decent. I think they just want a well rounded person (ex: classes, activities/hobbies, reg. job experience, etc…). I applied as a regular college student (I will graduate this May with a B.A in History) with a GPA of 3.5.

The letters of recommendation should not come from a family member or friend (obviously) but from someone who knows your character, your leadership abilities and even problem solving skills as well. Ask teachers/professors that you get along with and have known you for some time (at least a semester), ask your boss (or ex bosses), if you volunteer for an organization ask the person in charge to write for you. That’s what I did, I asked my Logic Class (LOL its actually a math class) professor and my boss’s boss even offered to write one for me when she found out I was applying to GLMA.

Personally I think it’s better to get it turned in as soon as you can as roughly 400 people apply, and out of that only 60 or so get in.

Don’t worry I applied to GLMA with no previous experience (HAHAHA unless you count being a tour guide on a docked submarine and doing a 4 hour job shadow on S.S. Badger experience) in the industry and got in, I’m sure you’ll be fine. Though if it is possible try to do a job shadow to see if this is for you, my experience was great (they even let me steer her for an hour) and Captain Dean Hobbs was awesome! :slight_smile:

If it makes you feel any better they made me get my TWIC and MMC card before I applied due to some questionable medical issues that they though might prevent me from getting such documents, and didn’t want to accept me/have me start the program only to be turned down latter by the government.

GOOD LUCK with everything! If you have anymore questions feel free to ask

Oh there is no such thing as a dumb question, and as one of my history professors always says…its better to ask a question and look like a fool for a minute, rather then be a fool for a lifetime.

Thanks so much for the reply, you have definitely eased my mind on this issue. I have been considering going into the maritime industry for some time now, but have just recently decided on GLMA’s deck program. I live in Michigan and would like to work on the Great Lakes, so GLMA seemed like the obvious choice.

As far as letters of recommendation go, I doubt I would be able to get a letter from an MSU professor as my classes consist of 200 students on average and we don’t get much one on one time with the faculty. I can however get a letter from a former boss, as well as one from a local high school that I have been volunteering at for the past couple of years.

That’s so cool you got to steer the S.S. Badger! I understand it’s been stirring up controversy over its emission of coal ash. I signed a petition a few months ago supporting the renewal of its E.P.A. permit, but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen. Which is a shame because I think she’s a neat old ship with great historical significance to the Great Lakes.

Anyways, I really appreciate your help. Your answers have helped me more than you know. Best of luck to you, and I hope to see you at the academy!