Add / ADHD medicine in the tow boat world


So a little back ground before I get started on my add / adhd questions concerning drug testing, types of medicine, watch standing, benefits / dangers, home vrs work useage.

I’ve been employed in the towing industry for approximately 15 years and licensed up with a 1600 masters towing nc with stcw. Back when I sailed as deck hand I had tried a non narcotic add medicine (forgot the name) for a few rotations. It seemed to have helped staying focused and giving me more energy. When I went for my original license I never used add medicine and when I upgraded I never used it either but definitely feel that the use of it could have helped me a lot more. Currently being in the house and standing a 6x6 rotation I’m wondering if the benefits of add medicine can help more than hurt me. I have a hard time focusing on paperwork, chart corrections and time management. These are all basic things most people with add suffer from. That also being said with a change of diet and cutting caffeine I still find myself tired this is also another symptom of add. I’m concerned with being on a 6x6 rotation that being on basically a stimulant will prevent me from getting my rest on my off watch with out the use of a downer or sleeping pill which I want to stay away from. Then the coast guard oh the coast guard. I know it shows and asks about it on the med form. When I was previously on it I never said anything or told the coast guard about it (stupid deck hand syndrome). So according to my nmc records it shows me never having add or being treated for it. I have a case history of it untill I was 18 that can be proved if needed to the coast guard.

Basically what I’m wondering is if you have add, are you medicated and do you think it’s more of a hinderance or helpful to you standing on watch. Have you had any issues with with coast guard. Would you go down the add road again or hide it like I’m currently doing.

Anyone have anything on this ?