Academy Grad January 2020

I get out of school this January with my 3rd mates license and degree. I sit for my exam in December, but won’t have my physical MMC in hand until graduation in late January. When I apply for jobs (looking for AB positions in the gulf or tugs) should I call the company and explain I don’t have my mmc yet/ give them a timeline? wait until after graduation to apply? Or should I just list I have my 3rd mates license in the application(although they are asking for a scan of my MMC)?


Can’t hurt to apply now, and again once you’ve got it in hand. If by ‘in the gulf’ you mean OSV’s, make a trip down here once you’ve got everything in hand and stop by all the offices. Except Hornbeck’s, based on thier market performance you’d be searching for a job again shortly. Be prepared to jump on a boat the very day you interview. Check out the ‘Knocking on Doors’ thread.


I have been reading these forums regularly since I was a mug, I’m a big fan of that knocking on doors thread.

How should I go about explaining my situation and lack of physical credentials to the company? Just call up and tell them I’m an academy guy getting out soon? I don’t want to hassle the HR hiring guys, and if it just falls on deaf ears I’ll spare them the call.

Also, thanks for the reply NH_Domer.

Don’t worry about hassling anyone,
you’re looking for a job and it’s a dog eat dog world. Unfortunately the squeaky door gets the oil and and in you’re case don’t be timid. oh and just the know, the oil patch isn’t for everyone so even if it doesn’t seem like a good fit for your initially just keep your ego in check, realize it’s a learning process and just remember it’s a stepping stone in you’re career.

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Just explain what’s going on. Some places will understand and others will say call again when it’s in your hand but no where is going to hire you until you have the license (they don’t want to invest time into you until you graduate and pass the exams).

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Consider commercial fishing vessels, yachts, under 100 ton tugboats, crewboats, and inland vessels such as dredges. No MMC required.

Try to pick a company that also has larger vessels so that you can try to make a lateral move within the company once you have your MMC. If not, everyone will understand why you want a new job on your license.

If you don’t find anything, PM me a week before you are available to sail. I might know of something.

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