Academy Expansion

It appears as if some interest has been taken in the Academy from main campus, hints the name change from Texas Maritime Academy to Texas A&M Maritime Academy.

As the campus is crowded to capacity with both cadets and non regimented students, it is in desperate need of expansion. Parking is very hard to find, basic classes like seamanship are crowded with tons of students, and dorms are filled out to capacity. Basic services like the cafeteria are maxed out, even with its recent expansion and update only one year ago. Study rooms are hard to find, and often the library is very crowded. Forget about getting in the gym during peak hours. Even the auditorium can not hold all the cadets at one time. The License cadet program and NROTC has grown tremendously in resent years, and is more then double what it was 5 years ago. I believe the number sits around 500 now, with a total student body of over 2000, but I could be wrong. The school has attempted to keep pace with updates and construction, all which have been good, but more needs to be done. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not terribly crowded, but there is no question it has reached it’s limit.

I believe plans in the works include a new dorm “Corp” building, which will house all the cadets. This will be a welcomed addition, as currently the non-regimented students get the brand new, very nice dorms, and the cadets get the broken down, moldy, leaky 50 year old dorms, complete with respiratory infections. This new building is going to be built across the road, and come complete with another Cafeteria, along with many other things. I believe it suppose to come up soon, like over the summer, but we will see.

All I can say is it is about time the maritime academy cadets start getting some funds and attention. After all, they are the reason the school was started in the first place by General Rudder and TAMU. Its hard to see these marine biologist get a multi-million dollar building to rehabilitate a few turtles while the academy struggles.

This refocus and attention from main campus can be nothing but good, and equals more funds in the long run for the program.

George P Mitchell recently commissioned a 20 year master plan for TAMUG. It can be found here: (9.8 MB). It’s 131 pages long and gives details on future building placement and resources to accommodate a growing campus. There are a lot of artist’s renderings and design elements included. It makes for a good skim-through even if you aren’t interested in reading the whole thing.

Now if they can just take care of those damn mosquitoes.

I think they are moving into A&B dorm…

They’ve been talking about building a corps dorm for years now. The last admiral wanted it right there in between the waterfront and Kirkam. I imagine it’s a good possibility of happening.

I’m sure many like to see how the school is progressing, and what changes are being made, so i’ll do a little update.

The General Rudder just sailed to drydock in Florida for inspection and major work done. From what I’ve heard, It is getting a new paint job with a Black Hull and Maroon and White trim (Clipper II style?). The bulwark aft is going to be cut down to waist level, and the entire main deck aft area will be one deck. I think the chocks, bits, and capstains are going to be redone as well to better facilitate training. The sewage treatment plant is being reworked to allow more time out / discharge out at sea, though I’m not sure on the details. I know this was a problem with our cruise when we first got it. I know they have been wanting to extended the 03 deck back to allow for more rooms, though I’m not sure if this got approved. It would be nice to increase the speed on the thing, as it goes 9kts full ahead!

The simulator is getting new components, which should be in next month. They also got a big donation of money, plus the money from MARAD that all the academies got, and the scuttlebut is that it will be used for another simulator, one that can be integrated with current one.

What is the latest scuttlebutt on the general rudder and campus updates?

Capt. Putty posted some pictures of it out of the water i’m trying to find. Had some nasty hull growth on it and the props. I think he said slip was in the 20 percent range! Maybe when finished it will actually reach 12kts at full ahead.

General Rudder

I didn’t realize they were adding these additions in, but it is much needed. One of the biggest problems the TS General Rudder had was waste disposal for 60 people, both sewage and trash. It had no means of compacting or incinerating trash, and no room to store it either. It just piled up on the fantail, taking up valuable space. It smelled, leaked, and left no room to enjoy one of the few areas to get outside.

Not sure on the MSD system, but I know it was very inadequate. They are revamping that as well.


Looks like its set to sail back in April


Here is the T/S General Earl Rudder preparing to leave Tampa to head back to Galveston.

More pictures. Bullwerk all cut down in the back with a level area. Much more usable space.

And here it is. Took long enough.