Academy Cadet Time towards QMED sea service requirement

I attended KP for 4 years but ended up not graduating. I was an engineering major, and have over 300 cadet sea days. Was wondering if i can credit that time towards getting my QMED?

I guess the question is whether serving as an engine cadet is a rating at least equal to wiper?

From 46 cfr
[I]General – 180 days of service in a rating at least equal to wiper or coal passer.[/I]
[I](Ref Eng, Oiler, Deck Eng, Fireman/Watertender, Jr. Eng, Electrician, Machinist, Pumpman, Deck Eng Mechanic, Engineman)

[/I]​Any help greatly appreciated

Did you just accidentally reply to your own question from 6 years ago?


I did intentionally but didn’t realize that doing that would make the thread show up on the main page, so I deleted it but then it still stayed on the main page…


Or is this really the original Sdi4 or has a long dormant user been hacked?

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