AB looking to go back to sea

Hi, I sailed AB from the Gulf War till the mid 90’s then carreer changed. I am now looking to ship again. Can I get advice on my MMD etc.? Is the MMD still good or do I have to take the test again? What is this TWIC thing and how is that done? And lastly, with SIU ships, what is the average hourly rate now for an AB. Many thanks for all your help.

TWIX Is required, transportation workers identity card,
MMD is merchant mariner document, is gets renewed every 5 years i think
you need a TWIX to get the MMD

Testing again on your AB, not sure but if you let it laps then most likely

go to www.uscg.mil/nmc
look for the email link that say iasknmc and email them directly, they will get bak in touch with you very quickly

you will most likely need basic safety training 1 week course, also most likely lifeboatman 4 day course I think


with your prior time as an AB you might want to consider getting an 100 ton master, or look at getting your mate license but that will require about 18 different classes i think, checklist will be able to tell you than

good luck

Your biggest hurdle will be RFPNW (rating forming part of a navigation watch). Search on here, tons of info. NMC link http://www.uscg.mil/nmc/checklists/MCP-FM-NMC5-62%20RFPNW.pdf?list1=checklists%2FMCP-FM-NMC5-62+RFPNW.pdf&B1=GO! All your old stuff is gone. You will have to do BST, Lifeboat/PSC and either take class or test for your AB. Physical, drug screen, etc. It’s a long haul compared to the good old days. Lots and lots of info on here already. Start with the NMC link given in previous post. Good luck. I just went through all this and submitted all my papers last week.

Check this out:

Guy’s thanks for all the good direction so far. Wow, things have gotten so much more regulated in last 15 years, crazy! looks like I’m going to have to take the test again, but no problem. And, some of my seatime has to be in the last few years? So, would I have to get it as an OS/entry level? What about doing a 4 month hitch with MSC to get it? Thanks

Just saw that I would need a full year of sea time in the last 5 years. Any suggestions for someone in my situation? Would a year hitch with MSC be a good option? Thanks

You can usually get plenty of OT with MSC and of course the seatime is good for any MMC requirements…I looked again at your original question and found the following which looks like the correct data, (don’t take my word for it–you really gotta school yourself on this stuff and get used to knowing the CFRs)

[B]§ 10.225 Requirements for original merchant mariner credentials.[/B]

(a) An applicant must apply as an original if the MMC sought is:
(1) The first credential issued to the applicant;
(2) The first credential issued to an applicant after their previous credential has expired and they do not hold a document of continuity under §10.227(e) of this part or an equivalent unexpired continuity endorsement on their license or MMD; or
(3) The first credential issued to an applicant after their previous credential was revoked pursuant to §10.235 of this part.
(b) A complete application for an original MMC must contain the following:
(1) A completed, signed application;
(2) Beginning April 15, 2009, proof that the mariner either holds a valid TWIC or has applied for a TWIC;
(3) All supplementary materials required to show that the mariner meets the mandatory requirements for all endorsements sought;
(i) The mandatory requirements for officer endorsements are contained in part 11 of this chapter.
(ii) The mandatory requirements for rating endorsements are contained in part 12 of this chapter.
(iii) For a tankerman rating endorsement, the applicant must also provide those documents or proofs required in part 13 of this chapter.
(iv) The mandatory requirements for STCW Endorsements are contained in parts 11 and 12 of this chapter and in the STCW Convention and Code (incorporated by reference, see §10.103).
(4) The appropriate fee as set forth in §10.219 of this part;
(5) Evidence of having passed a chemical test for dangerous drugs or of qualifying for an exemption from testing in §16.220 of this subchapter;
(6) Discharges or other documentary evidence of service indicating the name, tonnage, and propulsion power of the vessels, dates of service, capacity in which the applicant served, and on what waters, where sea service is required;
(7) Proof, documented on a form provided by the Coast Guard, that the applicant passed all applicable vision, hearing, medical, and/or physical exams as required by §10.215 of this part.
(8) Consent to a Coast Guard check of the NDR for offenses described in section 205(a)(3)(A) or (B) of the National Driver Register Act of 1982, as amended; and
(9) The oath as required in paragraph © of this section.
© [I]Oath. [/I]Every person who receives an original MMC must first take an oath, before an official authorized to give such an oath, that he or she will faithfully and honestly, according to his or her best skill and judgment, without concealment or reservation, perform all the duties required by law and obey all lawful orders of superior officers. An oath may be administered by any Coast Guard-designated individual or any person legally permitted to administer oaths in the jurisdiction where the person taking the oath resides. An oath administered at a location other than those listed in §10.217 must be verified in writing by the administering official and submitted to the same REC where the applicant applied for his or her MMC. This oath remains binding for any subsequently issued MMC and endorsements added to the MMC, unless specifically renounced in writing.
[B]§ 10.227 Requirements for renewal.[/B]