A sawmill

well., this is going to be a little different, i got the LT 40 HD, (used) but pretty much like this one.
watch: this woman just doesn’t stop moving !!

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LT 40 seems like a popular mill. Personal use or gonna go into business? The new thing is live edges I guess.

No intention to make money, just save money. I am all ready having people express interest in having boards etc. made but i figure it’ll just be on a “horse trading” basis… to go commercial and see your boards sold at the local hardware store you have to jump thru all manner of legalities, insurance, permits, fees, and all sorts of BS and Liabilities and there may always be some individual who hopes to profit off some misfortune they can put you thru.
BUT: the smell of sawdust is certainly going to be different huh? Mostly, … one usually gives half the boards to the saw mill who saws your logs… i want to avoid that, and in a small town like this getting someone to adhere to any schedule is hard… “if you want it done right do it yourself” Bzzzzzzzzz!