A Sailor's Dream Job?

Now that I have your attention tell me what you would consider to be a dream job for sailors. And don’t tell me it’s SHRIMPING cause I already been there and done that. :rolleyes:

Let’s see…how bout master of a James Bond themed charter mega yacht including submarine and helicopters and with an all woman crew (of course, the chief mate would have to be Miss Pussy Galore)!

Seriously, my realistic dream job is to command a new state of the art DP2 subsea vessel with owners who care enough to treat the entire US citizen crew with respect and compensate them accordingly.

My dream job? Anything at sea that I can do without turning into a zombie due to fatigue. I came close, when working 12 and 12 watches in the GOM, but that hasn’t caught on anywhere else I’ve been.

Have you tried shrimping?

My dream job would be a 1/364 rotation making 6 figures. Still looking but have not found it though.

Rum tanker!

A serious dream job would be working on small coast wise Short Seas Shipping vessels running up and down the coast close to home without having to worry about tow lines as in the case of tugs nor notices of arrival and pilots as in the case of larger ships. This would be a great job as long as the Coast Guard required a two man watch unlike what they have going on in Europe and the company paid for it.

They have one man bridge watches in Europe at night…in those waters!?!

I think maybe pilotage in a favorite city port would be nice.

This guy has the right idea. His name is Dick Robinson and he does a 2 hour radio broadcast each week playing his favorite music from his 70’ Hatteras moored in Palm Beach, FL. Ahh, “Music by the Sea”.

Good question! Maybe a large DP research vessel with a good port schedule… that is, if the pay was good (it isn’t).

Maybe then a Dream Job is a Dream Job because you love your work. :slight_smile:

Well it’s my dream… no reason I can’t be drinking Vielle Bon Secours with my beer chit :wink:

Wow, that is expensive beer. BTY what is chit?

large fireboat captain :slight_smile:

(gee, I’m sure that SOOOO surprised some people…)

Bikini inspector for a cruise ship owned by Bart Giovanni or Hugh Hefner

My dream job 30 on 15 off working for western tow boat out of seattle great company top pay hard to even get an app in but that’s my dream but moving back to the PNW is also a dream

My dream job-

Someday being captain on my first ship (Pride of Hawaii) with my friend as 1st mate. I just want to see her in her sailors uniform:D

WTB has the nicest tugs I’ve ever been on. Spotless, high quality, best of everything.