A New Third Mate AGT

[B]I have finally passed the exam for Third/Second Mate AGT. It’s taken ten months from the first time I registered at L.E. Fletcher in Houma till the day I passed which was yesterday. I was ready in May but had to wait for Coast Guard approval to test. THAT WAS A LONG ROW TO HOE… I finally got approval in October and then had to review and cram prior to taking the exam because I didn’t stay current in my studies believing that all hope was lost due to the circumstances with the CG. The lesson I learned from the trials and tribulations of fighting with the CG is HOLD FAST and STAY THE COURSE…and contact your Congressman. [/B]
[B]I thank those of you who contributed to my cause…you know who you are, anchorman, Capt Fran, Capt Wyrick, Capt Leigh, dougpine, Jeffrox, Capt. Lee, 10talents,and many others.[/B]
[B]To those coming up, these are the experts that you need at your back…Thanks also the gCaptain for OUR forum.[/B]
[B]Steve Foster[/B]

Congratulations! Hard work usually pays off, and yours obviously did.

It must feel good to get this done.

Keep getting up.


Bravo Zulu Steve…Nice job…

Congat’s!!! It’s a great feeling to pass the exams, isn’t it! Now keep on your evaluator in order to get a correctly issued license - It never really ends does it!
Again - congrat’s!

Great Job Steve, I hope I can say the same thing next week. I start testing Monday. Once again, great job!

Way to go, Steve! Perseverance has its rewards.

Congratulations Steve. That is really good news.

No hill for a climber Steve . You do the family proud . Save your study material for me, I might need it in 30 years .

Steve, that is just awesome! Congratulations!! So glad to see a happy ending to your saga. You did us all proud!

As mtskier would say: YAAAAAHHHOOOOOOOooooooo!!! And yes; make sure that everything is on your credential!

Now the real challenging task is at hand…finding the job!!!

Good Luck Steve!

Nice job I know how stressful it can be in that exam room. However, I can’t wish you too much luck as I think we will be applying for the same jobs as they open.:smiley:

Great job on your part. Can’t say the same for NMC. Too bad you had to fight your way through to the end. It should not be that way. Looks like the new regs will change all of that with the grandfather clause and make 1600 ton Masters as Management Level. Hopefully, the ensuing NMC policy will clarify these career paths.