A Mari Usque Ad Mare Ad Mare


Well that’s a shitty way to treat “Canadian Heritage”, your last interest in the vessel was to dynamite it.


Sorry, typo. Now corrected. (I did refer to the Versailles treat as well though)


No argument about the shittyness, except to add that in 1935, when the dynamite happened, Henry Larsen was a citizen of Norway. It very obviously wasn’t the last interest in the vessel, either.


The Russians are gearing up for a busy season in the Arctic:


It may be summer, but heavy ice is still a problem for shipping in the Arctic:

At least in some parts.

But more icebreaking power is on the way:


Production capacity at Yamal LNG exceeds transport capacity. What to do??
Call on Norway to help by arranging transhipment facilities to cut down on the transport distance for the expensive icebreaking tankers:


Be a Polar explorer next year, if you can afford the heft price:


Or just become part of the crew.


A big chunk of ice broke of a Greenland glacier last month:


Another 15 icebreaking LNG carriers for Yamal:


What do all those icebreakers add to the cost of producing Yamal gas? That must be some of the world’s highest cost gas.


More icy stories from Greenland every day somewhere. This one from South China Morning Post:


The North West Passage is now a magnet for all types of adventures:


Hungry polar bear shot and killed after attacking a guard from MS Bremen at one of the Sjuoyene (Seven islands) the northernmost islands in the Svalbard Archipelago:

Are there too may cruise ships and boats around Svalbard in the summer months?


The tow of Maud has reached Bergen:


Maud will arrive home at her “birthplace” 18. Aug.:


From gcaptain’s news page: Viking Supply Ships Sells Three Icebreaking AHTS
To my ear it sounds weird to say that the ‘monarchy of Canada’ bought them… sounds like HM is tottering around Bergen with her adorable old lady cheque book or something.

Here’s the Government of Canada’s spin: its all about jobs and the economy, of course.

The new minister of fish, oceans, and CCG says,

“The acquisition of these icebreakers is proof of our Government’s commitment to keep our waterways open for business year-round and to support our coastal communities. This is a great day for the Coast Guard and for the Canadians they serve.”

Although they weren’t built domestically, I still get the warm fuzzies when I read this.


I did some work aboard the Tor Viking when Shell had it chartered for their Arctic Drilling project 5 or 6 years ago. Very nice vessel and the people aboard were top notch.


Is the Point Atkinson lighthouse still manned by the CCG? I was sent there for six months as an “information officer” to repent for my sins.


Somebody lives there, but I don’t know who. Wish I did… Best back porch in the city, if you ask me. If you want to introduce me…