A Mari Usque Ad Mare Ad Mare


Hiiumaa arrived at Fiskerstrand yesterday morning.


Conformation of the above and Novatek’s long term plans for transshipment on the Kola Peninsula:


The Vent Maersk has completed the voyage from Vladivostok to Bremerhaven via the NSR:


A veteran of the Canadian Arctic bites the dust and head for the breakers:

Originally built as Havdrill in 1973 she became Canmar Explorer III in 1976 and spent many winters in Yaktuyaktok:


Could drilling take place outside Baffin Island/in Davis Strait in the foreseeable future??:


The opening up of the arctic is hot subject in Norway:


Things are happening fast with the Yamalmax LNG fleet. Two newships entered service his month:

The ferry Grete has changed name to QAJAQ W according to Marine traffic.
She is still at Fiskerstrand together with her sistership Hiiumaa:


Not one, not two, but four FLNG facilities are planned to ensure the feasibility and economy of LNG export along the Northern Sea Route:


From big ships to big sea mammals.
The Trump administration has a very simplistic explanation why the walrus doesn’t need protection as the summer sea ice disappear from their shallow water feeding area close to the coast of Alaska and Siberia;



The second Canadian LNG project to go ahead:


NOVATEK is splashing out in the Murmansk district and planning big for Yamal LNG:


More proof that the Chinese are showing interest in the Arctic:

Not surprising for an up and coming world power.


BBC has an article about the North West Passage and the possibility of future shipping, which is interesting:

They mention the Franklin expedition, but manage to forget Roald Amundsen. I wonder why??

PS> The also mention that “you don’t want your ship to break down while in the Arctic” True, but nobody WANT their ship to break down AYNWHERE.


Boskalis has started the dredging work at Kitimat BC:

The world press is in Ulsteinvik today to be presented for the new Hurtigruten expedition ships:


Indeed. Last I heard they were hiring, too.


The first LNG STS operation has taken place near Honningsvaag near North Cape:

That shave 10-14 days off the round trip time it take for the Arc-7 tankers to deliver their cargo for transshipment at terminal in NW Europe or Spain, thus increasing the transport capacity from the Yamal LNG Plant at Sabetta.

At the same time another Arc-7 LNG tanker has made the first delivery of Yamal LNG to China via the NSR:

Claim of world’s first icebreaking LNG tanker built in China (??):


The US Government doesn’t like that Russia compete with US LNG on the European market:

It doesn’t look like anybody is overly impressed by the US State Department’s concern for European energy security (or is it about US energy export??):

Meanwhile life goes on as normal in the high north, with cultural exchanges and trade across the fairly open borders between the four countries that is within the arctic circle:

BTW; The reindeers and their Sami herders are waiting for enough snow and frost to start their annual migration, but the forecast for the nearest days are for warm weather (5C) and rain along the coast, where they are heading.


Mining in Greenland has commenced:

The new ferries for Newfoundland are still at Fiskerstrad. Grete has now changed name to QAJAQ W according to Marine traffic:

Watch the Eva Bulker loading logs in Prince Rupert BC: