A list of 600+ US and Foreign Shipping Companies

Was looking around and found this.

Not all are shipping companies, but related to the shipping industry.

It might already be in this forum so apologies in advance if it is.

Something to do while waiting for that call back…


Damn, someone spent some time puttin’ this shit together!!!


Thanks for posting. I don’t think this particular list has been here before but similar ones have without direct links. I was impressed by how many links I have already visited. I hope it helps some here.

Typin’ in a company name or subject into Google search engine forces me to have to put down my beer. I don’t like that.

Pointin’ and clicking’… Much better.

This has been helpful to me. Thanks for sharing!!

Your welcome.

Awesome! Thanks be going threw this apply for jobs!

Glad it helps.

thank you very much