A kamikaze

So I live slightly North of Seattle with a view of Puget Sound. There’s binoculars on every floor, a spotting scope if things get really interesting, and a handheld VHF sitting in the kitchen. I was sitting out on the deck drinking a beer (a nice Belgian quad blended with some kreik) tonight when the Southbound freighter gets really friendly, five short, five short again, another five short blasts. I can’t see anything but I turned on the radio. A couple minutes later I hear a call from the pilot on the Southbound ship to the Northbound ship “hey Harry, keep your eyes open, there’s another kamikaze out tonight”. I guess that’s better than watching the helicopter run search patterns in the dark.

A WAFI no doubt.

We call them “Trailer sailors” or some idiot on a Tupperware boat…

organ donors

Nautical squirrel

Donkeys…sea donkeys

I didn’t learn the term swamp donkey until I went to sea

I didn’t learn it till I went to Suzie q’s in belle chasse…after having gone to sea

[QUOTE=PaddyWest2012;144099]I didn’t learn the term swamp donkey until I went to sea[/QUOTE]

And a swamp donkey ain’t no boat.

Speed bumps.

[QUOTE=“Radiocheck”]Speed bumps.[/QUOTE

Hemroids, kind of bummpy…I think…

[QUOTE=“Left Coast”][/QUOTE]
Left coast said last I think??