$600 handheld FLIR monocular

Just saw a review of the FLIR Ocean Scout TK on Panbo. This drops the entry price of handheld thermal night vision from around $2000 to the price point of really good binoculars. At what point are these going to start showing up as standard pilot house equipment?

Although it’s no good for SAR I’ve been looking at one of these…


All of our new vessels have FLIR cams mounted to the fore and aft spotlights. At each console they have a 9 inch monitor for viewing right from the chair.

I got my FLIRone and it’s badass.

If it is decent at all for out to 100-200 yards I will be getting one the second it becomes available. Ive wanted one for years now but could never justify spending 2-3k. 600 though is less than my Steiners and seems like a worth while investment. Again only makes sense if its not a huge compromise to distance, if i do end up getting one ill post a review here.

Just noticed they have a regular “hunting version” scout gk with the exact same specs and water resistant rating its just green. The hunting one you can buy from optic planet already. I wonder if there is any real difference?

Yeah, from an engineering perspective the thing’s amazing. Finally got one and my only regret is that I waited so long. Useless for SAR, but Amazing in the E/R.