5G sats vs. hurricane predictions


Satellites tracking water vapor in 2012 helped scientists accurately predict Superstorm Sandy’s frightening turn toward New York and New Jersey where it killed dozens of people and inflicted billions of dollars in damage.

But now scientists are warning that their precision tracking of hurricanes could be disrupted by signals from the new generation of wireless networks known as 5G that will soon roll out across the U.S. In one test that mimicked interference, Sandy was incorrectly forecast to head out to sea.

At currently proposed 5G power levels, satellites may have trouble reading natural signals given off by water vapor. That could set back forecast accuracy to levels last seen around 1980, said Neil Jacobs, head of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

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In a choice between high speed mobile internet and accurate hurricane forecasting, I have a theory as to which way most Americans will lean :roll_eyes:


That might depend on how many hurricanes they’ve experienced.

In any case, this is an area that Science, and meteorologists in particular, need to raise a stink with policymakers. They can’t move without changing the laws of physics, but there’s nothing sacred about exactly where the 5G spectrum is located. Put it somewhere else.

Of course. . .no one wants to do away with cell phones when statistics show that 11 people die every day due to traffic accidents that are related to their use. . . 11, every day. . . and people talk about the carnage of mass shootings, but no one speaks to banning cell phones. . . . and won’t ever, either.


Anecdotally, I see people screwing up every day using cell phones while driving but your post brings it into perspective.

“The National Safety Council reports that cell phone use while driving leads to 1.6 million crashes each year. Nearly 390,000 injuries occur each year from accidents caused by texting while driving . 1 out of every 4 car accidents in the United States is caused by texting and driving .”

If cell phones are outlawed, only outlaws will have cell phones…


No pun intended but corporate profit trumps public benefit every time. Always has, always will.

Yes, but corporate profit aside, could you imagine the uproar from the public if cell phones were to be banned because of traffic safety (a VERY real issue, in my book)?

Not to mention the millions of selfie sticks that would need to be repurposed.


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You know. You see something to have a laugh at but I see a man who should be regaled as the genius that he is!

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Press release this morning:

Ericsson’s 5G leadership is at the heart of U.S. communications services provider Sprint’s commercial mobile 5G launch across four cities today – Atlanta, Dallas, Houston and Kansas City.
Sprint also expects to launch live 5G in Washington D.C. with Ericsson in the coming weeks.
Sprint becomes the third major U.S. service provider to launch 5G – with Ericsson partnering closely in each case.
Ericsson is now supporting seven commercial 5G networks globally.Ericsson 5G Massive MIMO radios across Atlanta, Dallas, Houston and Kansas City support split-mode, enabling Sprint to simultaneously deliver LTE Advanced and 5G New Radio service. Ericsson is also providing the MME platform for the Sprint 5G NSA Core across all Sprint 5G markets. Sprint’s 5G Massive MIMO radios run on its 2.5 GHz mid-band spectrum, and are deployed on Sprint’s existing 4G cell sites, providing a nearly identical footprint for both 2.5 GHz LTE and 5G NR coverage.
Michel Combes, CEO, Sprint, says: “Sprint 5G is here and we’re proud to give customers true mobility and the largest initial 5G footprint in the U.S. This is a momentous day and just the start of what we can achieve with T-Mobile, together building a better, faster, nationwide mobile 5G network that benefits all U.S. businesses and consumers.”
Sprint says its 5G will power new experiences for wireless customers, from gaming and entertainment services, to IT and business applications.
Fredrik Jejdling, Executive Vice President, Head of Networks, Ericsson, says: “Ericsson is working together with Sprint to unleash the power of 5G on Sprint’s network. Our 5G Massive MIMO radios will provide Sprint users with a true next-generation experience, enabling advanced applications for businesses and consumers.”