Discontinuance of the Nationwide DGPS


If closing down DGPS as an unnecessary system is a good idea, why not do it all right now?

Would DGPS have any value against hacking or interference with other GPS signals?

Just like the gradual shut down of loran stations across the country I guess. Of course no matter how many warnings are published, people will still be befuddled when transition day comes…“why isn’t this working?!?”. The new GPS III system is supposed to be less “hackable” and without selective availability. “Position accuracy: 0.63 meter…” Why waste money on DGPS when you can get that kind of accuracy.

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whats GPS III?


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we are still waiting for L5 to be worldwide then we all get corrections without buying a decoder. Then all the consumer receivers need to receive it so new gear everythere.

The L5 hold up was they have to get the old sats down as they have run out of orbits and I see still plenty up there. No III’s up there yet so how long before that is operational?

I’m not entirely sure when it will be online or if it is considered “online” when just one satellite is in orbit or if they need several. I sent an email (with various questions) to a contact at Lockheed Martin as it doesn’t really say when the system will be operational. Maybe I’ll get a reply if they are bored. Or if they can even discuss anything.


Interesting article and there are several hyperlinks in there to other pages.

Takes quite a while from launch to operational, I have checked in the past just for interest.
L5 working is a threat to all the companies that supply corrections of say a meter and larger.
The underfunded EU thing Galileo is about a meter all the time but lots of gaps as short of satellites last time i checked

here is where i go to find out whats up there

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