LORAN-C, Glad To See You Go

LORAN-C - Glad To See You GoBy CaptainAnuj Velu

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Before the emails start entering my inbox… the answer is, I personally do not support the removal of loran stations. That being said, I do fully support a diversity of opinion on this blog.


Looks like future GNSS devices will have combined receivers from all sattelite systems. Such combined GLONASS/GPS already available in russian marine market. Add there future Galileo and you’ll get navigational system which doesn’t depend from most of GNSS technical or political problems.

This forum is alive? If yes, please remove this topic and my account.

It is simple and it works . . . it really bugs me that $ trumps the safety issue of a “backup” GPS. The only bright spot to shutting down LORAN is I won’t have to have this conversation:

“Mr. Pilot, what are all these colored lines on the chart?”

“That is the LORAN lattice Mr. Mate. We used that all the time up here on the lakers and just about everyone still has a receiver on the bridge. I grew up using that on my parents boat and in the Coast Guard, too.”

“Oh, I see Mr. Pilot . . . that is the [I]old[/I] radio nav system. Wow, I have never used it before. They just mentioned it in school, never really got into the use of it.”

. . . sigh . . . am I [I]really[/I] getting old?

I wonder how long after they take it out of service that it will still be on the license exams

My test this forum number 2. trfekiol

Pretty sure I had a question about breeches buoys on my last exam, so we’ll probably have LORAN questions for another 30 years or so…

I’m glad to see Loran go. with multiple sat systems either in place or about to be in place it seems logical.
the same logic applies as to why I don 't keep my old computers: upgrade.

Thank you John for having my post on the gCaptain. Appreciate it.

I sincerely wish Loran goes to the heaven where all nice nav systems go once they die.