500tn master Navigation Gen test

Good Evening,
I’ll be testing in about 2 weeks for my 500tn inland. I’ve been using lapware and maritime advancement together. Nav Gen is one exam I’ve prepped the least for so needless to say I’m a little concerned about it. Has anyone taken it recently? Lapware notes the refrence books they use to obtain some answers but I don’t see alot of them on the USCG examination reference book list. I’m trying not to memorize just questions and answers. I’d like to know a little bit of what Im talking about. Any advice or info would be greatly appreciated.

memorize And move on with your life like everyone before you

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The exam room reference books are a much smaller subset of all the books used to create the exam questions.

The exam reference books will enable you to look up maybe 20% of the questions. Most of the rest are questions that you just need to known.

You only need A 70% on that module.

I took Master Inland Any Gross Tons a-few years ago. I didn’t study anything but Rules of the Road. It was ridiculously easy. I would expect Master 500 Inland to also be very very easy.

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Hi Charles,

What studying platform do you like better? Mariner Advancement or Lapware?

Lapware is better

You can find a good chunk of answers in the light
List and coast pilot and bowditch glossary as it has definitions back there of all the weather cloud front hurricane questions. You really have the most resources to use in the exam room for Nav Gen.

Thanks Charles. I too will be sitting for the 1600 ton Mater Inland probably come the winter. I will be sure to use Lapware when I get ready to study for Deck General and Deck Safety.



Good luck Pat!