500 ton mate to Master of Towing

Could someone please assist me in finding the specific CFR that outlines the route for a 500 ton mate to obtain a Master of Towing license. I believe JdCavo speaks on it a bit but cant seem to find the exsct CFR. Any help?

You can’t find it because it doesn’t exist. You have to raise grade to Master 500 then add Master TV, there’s no direct progression from ate 500 to Master TV (o go to Mate TV then to Master TV. but that’s not as expedient because you can’t use time you may already have).

Do you have a mate of towing ? If not you need that first then like 540 days as a mate on a towing vessel then you can submit for master of towing vessels

That’s not the only way to get Master TV. If you have Master 500, you can add Master Towing with 30 days on a tug and completing the TOAR. If you already have Mate TV, you would not need the 30 days and TOAR, that was met previously.

Well that’s certainly another route to take.

For the OP, it’s the most direct route.

I have a mate of tow near coastal, yes

Then it’s 540 days as mate on towing vessels , check the master of towing checklist . Or the other way cavo said

That “other way” is 6 months shorter than your way and can use the time the OP already has.

Who knows maybe he already has the time

Probably a good idea to ask the NMC? They have checklists for every license transaction there is. Or you could ask the idiots on this site, who are mainly tall ship deckhands and career changers.

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