3rd Assistant $575.00 a day

I recieved this e-mail and thought some one might be able to take advantage of this…

POSITION: 3rd Engineer

DURATION: 28 days contract

START UP: Monday May 17, 2010 (arrive Lake Charles Louisiana)

PAY RATE: $575.00 per day

Are you available?

You must have ALL of the below listed documents valid and available to be considered.

If you meet these requirements and can start Monday May 17, 2010, please e-mail all copies with your contact information to jobs@maritimeemployment.com and call us at 281-987-9600

. Driver’s license (front and back) and/or passport

. Social Security card

. USCG License (unlimited) / MMD

. Endorsement (STCW-95)

. Safe Gulf Training Cert.

. HUET Cert.

. Merchant Mariner’s Medical Examination results/report (valid if undergone anytime during July 2009 and later)

. Drug Screen (valid for six months, if undergone during January 2010 or later)

. Copies of Safety Training certificates including but not limited to:
first aid
survival at sea
personal survival and social responsibilities
personal survival techniques
Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats

. copies of ny other training certs.

. Sea time letters / Letters of recommendation

This vessel is foreign flagged and you will require a Vanuatu license for which we can apply, provided we have copies of the above listed documentation.

call us at 281-987-9600