3rd and 2nd Mate Testing

Two part question:

On the NMC website they have “Sample Exams”; 1. Does anyone know how often they update or change them and 2. Does anyone know if there is some way to pull up past sample exams.

I’m only interested in the NMC’s website sample exams. Thanks

I think every few years. Your best bet is lapware and print out those tests because people have said those are in line with what you are going to get. But if you want NMC only exams which is fucking stupid by the way then get the sample exams for 500T mate and 3rd mate that gives you 2 exams to go off of.

Need more help? Pass 4 fail 2 wait 90 days retake exams pass 1 fail the other then take that one 90 days after that.

I just took the crossover exam and there were quite a few questions pulled straight from the NMC sample exam and the structure material wise was the same as the NMC, Lapware is great no doubt but at least for my exam the practice tests it was kicking out were a lot different then the one I saw at REC but for 3rd Mate I used mostly Upgrade U & Lapware and was sufficiently prepared. Mariner Advancement also has everything you need with out the monthly subscription fee.