3rd A/E to 2nd A/E Questions

Im going to renew and upgrade my 3a/e to 2 a/e. Ive got plenty of motor time and only 53 days on steam. I have already taken the 2a/e test (as this is test we took when i graduated Schuyler) Does the Steam carry over or just my Motor time? Im guessing the GT floats over also? Does my physical for renewal an upgrade have to be within the last year or from no more than three years? Finally if I dont get the Steam on my 2nd can I keep the 3rd with steam and 2nd Motor on one License? Thanks for the help. Ill be going to REC in Boston next week and just want to have all my ducks in a row. My license expires in Nov but figured I’d get a head start.


Considering the backlog issues at NMC you are wise to start now!

Good luck getting an answer. There’s not an engineering equivalent to Cavo at NMC yet.

Perhaps NMC can clone an engineering version of Mr. Cavo.