300 cid ford 6

I know none of us has seen the ford 300 6 aboard before but if you’ve ever looked at the ford truck forums there are catagories for all but the color of truck you drive !!
I am putting a 6 hole 300 cid on my F-250 as I don’t need the V8 that now needs inserts and believe it may get better mileage for my work BUT, i’ve read there is a increase of 65-70 HP with just headers and another intake manifold but the after market intake manifolds cost too much for me so I was wondering: the newer 6 cyl 300’s had EFI (fuel injection) and I hoped one of you would know if they increased the throat size on the EFI engines?
The older ones sucked air through a straw!

If you are on FB go seek out the “92-96 Ford F-series OBS trucks” group. They talk about the straight 6s often.

That in-line 6, 300 cid has more backbone and torque than most ford V8s can ever see.
When everybody wanted smaller block packages and shined away from the mighty 300, a sleeping giant was seriously overlooked.
It is a shame this engine was never further developed in trucks.
In 1800 RPM LPG gen-sets, it is king.

It’s been a long time, and I really didn’t need to do much to them, but:
I was once a Sea Scout leader, we had a 45 ft Matthews cabin cruiser that had a pair of Ford 300’s as engines.

They were one of the best gas engines in a boat I’ve ever encountered.

The inline 6 was smooth, and powerful.

I dream of some of the BMW inline 6’s being marinized just because of those Fords. Smoooottth

There is a You tube channel called (I think) Power Nation that has a horsepower build of the Ford 300 6 cyl. and the numbers are astonishing. I really like simple as opposed to opening the hood and not knowing anything about what I’m looking at.

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i’m not on facebook bayrunner but am able to look at the fb market place, i’d probably have to get my nephew to buy anything in find there, and there IS a lot!
yes, tugger50, i’ve seen the video.
I can’t figure out why the straight 6 is not a LOT more popular. I can’t stand the V6 for some reason. and yea, i’d sure like to have that bmw 6, My nephew left one in the pasture but he says his mom (my sister) owns the title so i’m not messing with it.
That new 4x4 the Grenadier has the bmw 6, can’t find one to buy out west here yet. At nearly 80K$ i’ll only get one from a junk yard !!!

yes, tom tugboat, I have seen the 300 6 on pleasure boats, i bet that 45’ mathews used some gas huh?
I have a friend who was in sea scouts back in the latter 60’s, maybe into 1972? named joe, in the seattle area. It was a good thing by any definition.