2nd Navstar epoch rollover April 6 2019, will your GPS survive?

the 2nd Navstar epoch will roll over April 6 2019.
Can your GPS receiver deal with a reset of the epoch to zero?
Some receivers might have been coded with zero week from the date they were made hence will last till they are 19 years old before rollover.
Might be an issue for gear connected to your GPS depending what string it reads?
I guess not much gear connected back in 1999 when it rolled over last time?
I think you still need to get confirmation from your vendor that it will be ok.
Issue or not?

Could well be an issue for some setups.

Certainly an issue for financial stuff – one would certainly hope they’re on top of this.

As you saw from his examples, epoch bombs in particular hardware will not necessarily happen on the rollover date.

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any of the DP crew out there got confirmation they are ok?
C-Nav have said all their decoders are ok
I’m not hearing that from other brands…oops last minute firmware updates heading your way??