207xx: Supplemental exam for C-NAV. Any one know how to prep for this?

I just took 206xx (celestial) and passed. I[B] failed[/B] the ‘easy’ deck gen./nav. gen supplementary exam number #207–20 questions/70% to pass. A lot of random information that I was not expecting from the annotated code (not in the exam room anymore), IALA-A buoyage system, ships business, ocean current questions, customs/immigration questions, how to deal foreign crew that illegally leave the ship in port, etc. I will paste the questions that I remember below. Any ideas or help is much appreciated.

Lapware practice tests were nothing like it. Does any one have any advice on where to find study material for this ‘easy’ test. Many thanks if you know anything! Don’t want to fail celestial based on a 20 question multiple choice exam.

Exam # 207 Nav General Supplement Raise in Grade from NC to Oceans for 500/1600 Ton Master:
taken on 3-21-13 at REC Honolulu. failed.

[FONT=times new roman]Some recollections:

  1. Uninspected towing vessels 199 tons on a 500 mile coastal voyage has six deck crew…
    Answers to choose from: must have three watches, only ABs must have credential, None of the above

  2. On coast of France, you see a buoy with two shapes (two triangles vertically stacked with tips pointing down)…what does this mean?

  3. Who do you report an alien with a D-1 permit when he does not return to the ship?
    Answers to choose from: USCG, Immigration, Police, OCMI

  4. Several IALA-A questions

  5. Steering a course of 080T to the English Channel, a charted buoy has ‘YBY’ written next to it…what does this mean?
    Answers to choose from: pass northward, pass southward, pass eastward, pass westward

  6. When returning from foreign voyage to the US, what does customs want to see?
    Answers to choose from: cargo manifest, stores, forget other two answers…

  7. IALA-A: A buoy that you would leave to the port hand would NOT have what kind of light?
    Answers to choose from : composite, long flashing, forgot the other two answers…

  8. Your vessel construction does not meet SOLAS requirements due to the type of work it conducts. Where do you note this in the paper work?

Answers to choose from: COI, SOLAS exemption paper, can’t sail without SOLAS

  1. A sailor signs on for three months. He is discharged after 14 days IMPROPERLY. How much does he get paid?
    Answers to choose from: 14 days, one month plus 14 days, three months.

  2. You are on a vessel less than 90 tons. When would you have to sign foreign articles if you sail from an East Coast City?

Answers to choose from: S.F., Canada, Mexico, Panama

  1. IALA-A: A lateral buoy on the right hand side would be…
    Answers to choose from: green can, green conical, forget the other two

  2. If you voluntarily forfeit your license…
    Answer to choose from: You wave your right to a hearing, you give it up for 5 years, you may get it back after 5 years, all of the above

  3. In Ocean currents, what is a factor in their speed: Answer is: water density.