200grt/500itc requirements

I’m submitting for 200grt master. Company I’ve spoken with would like to see 200grt/500itc.

They also mentioned a spot for 3rd Capt with AB. Which would just be the AB course or testing.

Is 500 itc automatically given or do i need more under STCW? Would I have to also apply for 500GT limited to near coastal waters Management? I only lack PSCRB for OICNW under 500GT if that would even be needed for this.

Main reason Im going 200grt master is sea time will build off of that for 1,600grt while Im finishing up courses and testing for 500grt and over 500gt under 3000gt master.

Any help appreciated

Since March, 2014, only GRT is used on national endorsements (licenses) and only GT is used on STCW certificates.

STCW is not “automatically given.” You need to meet all of the requirements for the STCW endorsement Master Less Than 500 GT. See 46 CFR 11.317 and NVIC 13-14.

What is a “3rd Capt?”

What is a “3rd Capt?”

Should anything tragically incapacitate the 2nd Capt, then the 3rd Capt will assume these duties, dutifully.

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Great thank you! Sounds like I’m on the right path.

3rd Capt is a GOM thing. No idea why they do it like that out there. Usually all 3 Masters in scheduled rotation hold the same license, at least the boats I’ve been on under 100grt. 1st, 2nd or relief, 3rd

They might all have a master’s license but it’s two masters and a mate and the “2nd Captain” is only master for half of their hitch.

How is the “3rd Captain” in this case just an AB?


Correct. Even so, boats I’ve been on, 3rd has not been called a mate, simply 3rd capt. I dont agree with it but thats hownits been on smaller vessels it seems. COI is master and mate though.

As for AB, i think its someone with a license and AB. Not saying this is the case but where i currently work, when a boat went through Panama Canal, one of the capt had AB so they didnt have to hire an AB is what i was told. Im sure theres more to it and im really not interested in AB unless it can help me advance and currently it does not with the route I’m taking towards higher tonnage.

I don’t think the capt can fill an ab spot if he’s the captain. Normally the ab fills the ab spot lol

Panama does not check the seamen’s documents on small US vessels very closely.

I know a guy with just a near coastal license and no STCW who has made many canal transits. I know several guys that have done canal transits on a near coastal license.