1200kw 1500kva Cummins Diesel Generator Big Power

New Genset - 1200KW 1500KVA Cummins Diesel Generator Set.
Starlight alternator TFW2-1200-4 & SmartGen controller.

Accessory: elbow, battery 24V DC, bellows, shock-reducing rubber, muffler, a set of maintenance tool, etc.
Delivery time: within 20 working days after order confirmation.
Warranty: 1 year or 1,000 running hours quality warranty, whichever is sooner.

Which EPA emissions tier level?

Is it me, or is that bridle a bit small for six tonnes?

The bridle legs look like 5/8” wire that are long enough. That is more than enough for only 6 tons. Note the hand splices eyes.

Ah, I didn’t look close enough. I thought it was dirty nylon or similar. Thanks.

I hope the slings had a test certificate

I’m sure that they don’t need or have any certificates in China. They just use their skills to get things done.

Over many years I have made and used a lot of hand spliced wire slings. They were tested by using them successfully.

Now a days, only fishermen can make slings because they are the only mariners left who know how to splice wire.


All the running rigging on the Union Purchase derricks on the vessels that vessels I served in were spliced onboard by the crew and it was my responsibility to ensure they were correct and fit for purpose.
We also used to fit our own sockets in the early days in the offshore.In these days HR have the bone between their teeth.
Incidentally most of the wire used these days World Wide is made in China and has a test certificate, slings have a formed connection and always have a test certificate.

There are some applications, like safety wire straps (stoppers) for chain surge gear where hand splices are better than crimped “splices” because they don’t jam. There are still a few rigging shops that can make tapered spliced eyes without any “fishhooks” showing.

and that total weight is distributed four ways so if 12000 total lbs makes each leg carrying only 3000#

strange though that doesn’t look like regular wire rope but something like swede wire

test certificate from China…thats a good one


T2 emission

It is CCEC Cummins diesel generator set.

It is new genset

Cummins has certificate, CE/ISO, etc

Yes it may have a test certificate issued in China but it may be sold by a Ship Chandler in Oakland, Ca. Or Rotterdam and guess who wears it if there is a failure.

well. it looks nice !! i’d prefer sailing with something made OTC (other than china). you know why its made there right? to SAVE MONEY.

No need to worry about sailing with those generators. EPA Tier 2 is only valid for stationary emergency generators.

The fact they advertised here just means they don’t know their target market. There is no reason to think that the quality of the machine is less than from any other source or supplier.

Remember when “made in Japan” was a slur? Take a look at which country supplies the greatest amount of imported machine tools used by Japanese manufacturers.

well, i buy mititoyo instead of sheer tumico !!! I"m not so sure brown and sharp has much of a advantage !! … i will buy american (some of them) when the price is right. (used/uncalibrated, etc}

Yes, but they have to be verified by class.