800KW SDEC Diesel Generator Parallel Operation

800KW 1000KVA SDEC Diesel Generator Load Commissioning in the machine room.

Engine brand/ model: Shangchai (SDEC) / SC33W1150D2
Alternator brand/ model: Starlight / TFW2-800-4A
Controller brand / model: SmartGen / 6110

Shangchai generator is equipped with battery 24C DC, shock absorber, muffler, circuit breaker, floating charger, bellows, a set of data, etc.

800kw ? you mean paralleled? My volume isn’t’ working as I have this comp. hooked up for High Freq. digital radio work.

yea, sure it’s 300 ea. too small , way too small to be 800 ea. or you’ve mis-typed.


WELLLLLL, I’d never thunk it!,

I don’t understand what you mean. Sorry for that

the genset with a 6 cyl. just looked too darn small to be capable of 600kw so i assumed it was 600kw with both on line and paralleled but one of the old hands sent me the specs. next it’ll be 1200 kw and 4 cyl !!

I too am skeptical…how on earth can such a small engine produce 1000hp is beyond me? what kind of RPM is it supposed to run at? 4800?

anyway, give me large and low speed for longevity! high speed diesels make mountains of noise and don’t hold up for very long before flying all to pieces!

The spec sheet has the engine speed at 1500 rpm which is not unusual given it is setup for 50 Hz . Each cylinder has a displacement of 5.47 liters.

I don’t care what any of you say…those are not 33l engines! Maybe 11…tops!

Maybe the photo is of a smaller engine?

Specs: 2001 cubic inches , almost 8 feet long, 4.5 feet high and 6 feet wide, 7400 lbs, and fuel consumption of around 50 gallons per hour or 1200 gallons a day.

The specs make it seem like 800kW is possible.

A gen set needs to have parts and service available, to me that means the same brand as the main engines, or a Cat (many of them are Mitsubishi’s with a Cat nameplate) or a Cummins.


What is the cost to buy, in US dollars ?

Do you have North America parts distribution?

Compare: http://www.generac.com/Industrial/products/diesel-generators/configured/800kw-diesel-generator

For North America distribution realistically one must expect the units be made to North American electrical standards, i.e, 440 VAC, 60 Hz.

OK. This is industrial diesel generator used in a housing estate.

This genset is used in several years. It looks a little old, But it still runs well.

Dear Sir, this is Chinese engine brand diesel generator SDEC. It has sales service department in North America. It adopts Caterpillar technology, Yes, accept USD price. SDEC genset is not expensive but with good quality. If you are interested, please send me email: sales@dieselgeneratortech.com

Yes, you are right, MTU and Cummins are famous engine all around the world. They have sales service department all around the world. Customers can get the parts easily. SDEC is Chinese famous engine brand, but it is not famous like Cummins or other brands.

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