A new c.captain surplus acquisition

yesterday I won this major award from a local small university


inside the box is a 300kW Cummins KTA19 generator with only 1600 original hours, a 250kW loadbank and lots of switchgear. My plan is to remove the loadbank and mount it on its own trailer to rent out and use myself and then to market the trailer with its genset as I have zero use for its kind of output. I am hoping that with it being already in its trailer and its low hours even though it is a purely mechanical engine with no emissions controls.

anyway, wondering about the genset…I have no experience with these KTA diesels but this one runs fine. any thoughts out there on them?

of course, if anyone might know someone looking for something like this then please pass their contact info on to me and I will be sure to take care of you on the post sale end.


I have owned several Cummins and sailed with a few more. I like them. The parts are readily available and reasonably priced. They are fairly easy to work on.

agreed…I have had L, M and N series Cummins in trucks I have owned and all have been workhorses for me but this is my first K series. It does appear to be a larger version of all the others but I have also never had one as a generator prime mover. I know that the most recent versions of this engine are all the way up to 600hp but mine is more like 450.

btw, when Cummins puts a Q in their model numbers for an engine, what does that mean?

Q stands for Quantum Series. I have no idea what that means, but they are relatively new engines.

The last Cummins I sailed with were KTA-something.


Cummins Quantum == Marine Diesel with electronic controls


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Are you sure it’s a Q and not a G?

Take a pic of the engine dataplate and post it. Take some good pics of the left side of the engine around the injection pump. It looks like there are some mods or additions to the governor.

A KTA is not a Q series marine engine.


My major award is cooler than yours though.


That photo just had to be taken in Britain.

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What do you mean? That’s Fraq’s grandfather from Alabama.


where is the photo? all I see is IMG_3250

can’t you do anything right Gilligan?

many thanks…now I am edumacated

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thought I’d also announce this latest acquisition to the c.captain fleet of fine vehicles

so you can eat shyte and die Knothead!

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now I see it but where do you get the juice to light up your “major award”? methinks you might be in need of one of these? I make you special deal afendi

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Now THAT is impressive!

You should be able to flog that to one of those military vehicle fan clubs. It would be a pain in the butt to park in downtown Seattle though.

Are you joking? With a truck such as that monster, you don’t wait for an open parking space…you just make your own!

Well then, in any event parking it will be a pain in someone’s butt.

Gawd it is gorgeous though! Multi-fuel engine?

Naw…another Cummins. N series this time…NHC250 to be precise

855ci of pure massiveness…like a cast iron mountain

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Nice truck Scooter, even for an idiot like you. Your redneck value went up 10 points.


thanks say…how bout we hold a pull off? your wheels against mine?

see y’all in the funny pages