A new c.captain surplus acquisition


speaking of pull offs

and he only stopped because he ran outta room

yup…I really am a redneck deep inside my miserable soul


Oshkosh B’gosh! Very badass.


not Oshkosh but AM General

btw, this is what my Craigslist listing says about this M925

there is nothing in or on this rig which can be called dainty, cute or stylish…it is big, massive and purely masculine. name him “the General” and make George S. Patton proud!


I’ve always wanted a Unimog but have no legitimate reason to need one. Much like your deuce and a half. Very impressive vehicle though and your sales pitch is spot on


Unimogs are cool and there was a time Freightliner was making them for the US military with a scoop on the front and a backhoe in the rear. Never ever understood what they were supposed to do that a proper backhoe couldn’t do better even in a battlefield

Much like your deuce and a half.

deuce and a half? double that son and then you can play with the big boys and their big toys!

Very impressive vehicle though and your sales pitch is spot on

well I couldn’t use Bull Halsey as my pitch and I actually believe Patton was the BEST US combat leader in WWII.

I don’t care who you put him up against…Bradley, Collins, Hodges, Clark…they were all wankers compared to old Blood and Guts


Have you driven it to town or Ballard to pay a visit to your moorage space? If you have they must think your nuts. LOL. The talk in the Ballard Mill Marina office: Oh shit look whos here. Did you just see what just drove by?

P.S. Nice truck.


Oooo, didn’t know that. Yet another reason for the wife to get mad when I watch government auctions. Strip that crap off and have a US legal Unimog. Crap. She’s gonna kill me if I find one.


I’m making a call here: I can’t believe you got that ‘army’ truck because everyone is calling it a duece and a half when it is clearly a 5 ton. And I’m not so sure the new ones are multi fuel, they may of gone the way with white engines?


Patton was wearing 28 stars in that photo. The 20 you see there and I think he had the others in each of his ivory handled revolvers.


what’s your point? I have always knows this is a 5ton truck and that it has a Cummins diesel.

the White multifuel engines were used in the M39 5tons and the M35A2 2.5ton trucks but that was in the 60’s and early 70’s. The 5tons trucks all had diesels after the M819 series were introduced in the 70’s. In fact they had the same NHC250 my M925A2 has. 14l straight 6 naturally aspirated engines.


Good question. It seems like anytime DSD shows up the thread goes sideways shortly afterwards. His very presence attracts the whackjobs who can’t bother to read the thread before posting nonsense.


c.captain I checked out your craigslist listings, you have some good pieces for sale. If I hear of anybody interested or looking for that kind of equipment I will send them your way.



They are fairly easy to work on.