12 field jobs in West Palm & Okeechobee FL

[B]8 positions in W palm, 4 in Okeechobee with SFWMD ( South Florida Water mngmt. District )[/B]

[B][U]12 Field Job Opportunities at SFWMD in W Palm & Okeechobee - Apply ASAP
[B]From:[/B] Fricano, Pat
[B]Sent:[/B] Friday, October 08, 2010 3:40 PM
[B]To:[/B] Fricano, Pat
[B]Subject:[/B] 12 Field Job Opportunities at SFWMD
The SFWMD is now accepting applications for[B]12 full time employees[/B] in the Division of Water Quality Monitoring to start around the first of the year (see below). We are particularly looking for people with[B]boating experience. [/B] In addition to Okeechobee Project monitoring, some of the positions will be involved in estuarine sampling, hence we also need people with sampling experience in[B]coastal SW Florida[/B]. Eight (8) positions will be located in West Palm Beach and four (4) positions in Okeechobee. Please pass this message on to anyone who may be interested in applying. To apply go to the following website: http://my.sfwmd.gov/portal/page/portal/xweb%20about%20us/careers1 .
[I]Pat Fricano[/I]
[I]Senior Scientist[/I]
[I]Water Quality Monitoring Division[/I]
[I]South Florida Water Management District
[/I][I]8894 Belvedere Road, MS 7274
[/I][I]West Palm Beach, FL 33411[/I]
I 753-2400 ext. 4761[/I]
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