100 ton with oceans?

Currently hold 100 ton master nc. Ive been working towards national 500, received approved to test letter and it expires mid October 2023. I have taken and passed cnav for my 500 oceans. However, life has happened between moving states and new employment, i probably wont be able to test for 500 by Oct. And application, letter, and cnav will expire.

Ive been told i can upgrade to 200 to be able to keep cnav without having to retake and test all over again.

Any options out there to be able to hold onto a valid cnav/oceans holding 100 ton? I really dont want to have to retake cnav. Expensive and time consuming, plus it just micked my butt.

As I recall, you can ask NMC for a three month extension.

I’ve met 200 grt folks with oceans. I just looked on the NMCs website and they have a checklist for it.

The irony of the 200 grt master license is you need some time over a 100 grt boat where for the 500 grt license you can get with only over 50 grt time. The calculations are on the checklist.

Way back when when i first upgraded i had a 150 grt master/200 grt mate. After accruing some AB time along with some mate time on a 199 grt boat i was able to get the 150 grt ton restriction removed. In hindsight, I should have just went straight for the 500 grt but as you stated, life gets in the way sometimes.

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Appreciated. Ill be working on that in the mean time as an option.

Cool thanks. I have enough seatime for 200. They’re allowing x amount of time over I believe 67ton if you havent been on over 100ton. Ive got around 5yrs on under 100 ton supply boats and currently on survey boat to meet the recency time. I may just have to do an upgrade course to 200. Comes out cheaper than retaking cnav for 3 weeks.

Yea original plans seemed doable but during a year, things come up and upgrading gets put on back burner sometimes.

If the extension is not enough time for you, just fill out another application to start the process over giving you more time to study.

Thank you. However im not concerned about the 500 exams as far as time goes. Yes can always submit another application and thats what I had planned on until I found out about cnav stipulation. The problem is i lose my Celestial Navigation certificate if I let the application expire or dont pass 500 exams.

CG will not attach the celestial/oceans rout to a 100ton license, is my understanding. CNAV cost me $2,500, travel, and 3 weeks lodging plus any missed work. Im now working about 28/14 but doesnt always play out like that. So seeing what options there are to keep from having to retake celestial all over again. I might be able to swing the extension but to study that on this schedule will be pretty tight.

You can only use a celestial course for an increase in scope for Mate or Master 500 GRT, i.e. to go from 500 GRT near coastal to oceans. You can’t use the course for the celestial module only and take the rest at an REC. Check the approval of the course you took, it will specifically say it is for an “increase in scope.”

Do you have a year to turn in that celestial course certificate?

Interesting. Apparently its approved to replace Q124 Navgen oceans and Q127 navgen problems oceans and yes increase scope. Its one of a few in the nation is my understanding. No testing with CG.

What youre saying though, if I understand right is i would still have to take the 2 oceans modules for my 500? I did specifically ask that to the school before I took the class and was told no i do not take those 2 modules. Even though my approval to test includes Q124 and Q127, letter was issued before i had taken cnav

Ctony,. Correct, 1 yr. However , im moving from 100 ton to 500 master oceans. Apparently cnav certificate which includes the test and assessments will not be valid because CG will not give you 100 ton master oceans. Has to be 200 and above. I would have thought once cnav is submited, its on file and ince i pass my 500 master tests, then they add it. This is the first ive heard of this. The course is only approved for 200ton and above. This is the full celestial course for 500 or 1600grt, and 2m, 3m unlimited.

I believe what he’s saying is that the course is for you to upgrade from 500 ton near coastal. It sounds like you applied for 500 ton Oceans and were approved to test but there’s no provision to just skip Q124 and Q127 once approved to test.

You need to apply and test for 500 ton near coastal then apply to upgrade to oceans and submit the course certificate.

That’s a weird approval. Are you sure it isn’t “greater than 200 tons”?

It would be nice if it worked that way but I don’t think it does.

I’m not sure that course will help you with a 200 ton license anyway, and having a 200 ton Oceans won’t help when you go to upgrade to 500 ton, you’ll still need to take the whole 500 ton exam including the oceans portions.

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Yes but if you submit again before your celestial cert expires, it would keep your celestial cert valid for another year to test.

Capt Phoenix, heres the course approval. I was kind of paraphrasing on the above 200 ton…

Any applicant who has successfully completed Celestial Navigation/Oceans Navigation (500/1600 GRT) (MARTPT-107) course will satisfy the oceans navigation, professional examination requirements, Navigation General: Oceans and Navigation Problems: Oceans, for increasing the scope of the following for an endorsement as:

  • Second or Third Mate of self-propelled vessels of unlimited tonnage from near coastal to oceans, AND
  • Master or Mate of self-propelled vessels ofless than 500 or 1600 GRT from near coastal to oceans; AND
  • Master or Mate of self-propelled vessels of less than 200 GRT from near coastal to oceans, AND
  • Master or Mate ofUninspected Fishing Industry Vessels from near coastal to oceans, AND

Ill have to confirm somehow for the test modules. Maybe i would be better to allow letter to expire and resubmit like youre saying with NC then add on oceans.

As far as 200 ton, no i never wanted it nor do i need it. Its useless to me, thats why i was skippig over it. Only reason im looking into that option is i can attach the cnav certificate and get 200 master oceans so i dont lose the certificate as being expired or no good since im 100 ton master nc. Then if my letter to test for 500 expires in october, ill be able to resubmit application. My original submission was 500 ton master oceans and stcw over 500 grt under 3000.

Ill definitely have to look into things and what BCOcean says about resubmiting cnav cert.

Not sure how true it is, but i have heard that the celestial course to get oceans for the ‘less than’ 200 grt license is different than the one for ‘greater than’ 200 grt. Heard some mumblings about it in a class i was doing during my upgrade 10 years ago. I do know a guy with a 200 grt oceans but don’t recall his explanation.

Yes correct, it appears to be a different course for less than 200. 200 was never in my mind so i was going for over 200.

Another option is to keep practicing what you just learned. Like, seriously make it a part of a daily routine if you can. If you keep it fresh in your head you shouldn’t have a problem passing the modules at the REC.

Yeah i know you did the course hoping to avoid the test. Try to look at it this way: would you have wanted to go thru the grief of self studying and teaching yourself celestial?

Not sure how yall are replying with the quotes

Ctony, ha nope would not have wanted to teach it to myself. I can definitely try to incorporate it minus the sextant. But i have to pass come october even with the 2 oceans modules or have a plan in place for or plan on taking cnav all over again. I can deal with taking the test modules, but to lose the cost of the course again and eveything that comes with it, will be difficult and unnecessary.

I think your best two options would be to either ask for an extension on the letter like tugsailor said, and test at the rec center OR you apply for 500 near coastal ASAP.

Definitely did. I will be calling and emailing the school. They make it well known you do not test at REC with this particular course.