100 ton expired

My 100 ton expired in 2005. I assume I would have to start all over , from the beginning. Correct? Thanks

See 46 CFR 10.227(i). You need to take the complete exam (or course that is approvwd to substitute for the exam).

it may be a open book exam too?

No. An open-book “exercise” is only for renewals less than one year after expiration. The reg I cited is pretty clear that “passing the complete examination for original issue of the endorsement” is required.

ok, well, i’m only familiar witheng. stuff, for me to renew i have to take a open book exam … otherwise i prob wouldn’t pass anymore!!!

It’s not deck or engine stuff. it’s all licenses. If you let it expire more than year, you need the full original (closed book) test. If you took open book tests for renewal, it’s because your stuff had not been expired for over a year.

As noted, you have to retake the exam. BUT. Your seatime does not expire. You only need a small portion to be within the last year (or so). You can go to one of the ‘license mills’ and talk to their evaluators to take their course, take the exam right there and send that directly to Uncle Sams Confused Group for a new license.