AB open book test +100T

I have no sea time in the last 5 years. I am knocking out a bunch of classes for my oicnw and other shit. I know i don’t need this class doing it more for my mom then anything else. My question is if I do the class at mpt when I do my bst again and then the open book test will they print the 100T as well? I know it asks for 90 days in the last 5 years. Just wondering. plus if i can start the 1 year of holding it now towards the 200T upgrade that would be nice.

Not sure what you are asking. Are you saying you hold AB and Master 100 and asking if the renewal test for AB will cover both? If so, the answer is no. You need to do both.

I hold Ab limited and a bunch of ab uscg endorsements no point in listing them all. My question is since my book just expired last month. I wanted to know if I did a 100T class then did my open book test if my new book would have the 100T printed. But i think you answered it correct. the open book test is just for the AB and i would need 90 active days then request the 100T printed sticker

Yes, you still need the 90 days of recent time to add a new endorsement for Master 100.

You need time as Master or Mate while holding the Master to go to 200 tons. I don’t think AB time works.