10 hours until dawn

Great book I read on summer sea term 08’. Just found a great video portraying what actually happens when the pilot boat Can Do tries to rescue the USCG 44’ and aid in the rescue of the M/V Global Hope. Sorry if this is a repost.


On a Late Night Road Trip coming home to RI from Northern ME I was listening to the “Larry Glick Show” on WBZ. This would have been 1982 or 1983. I believe (but would not swear to it) that It was the anniversery of Blizzard and the Drama of that Tragic Night. Larry Glicks guest was the Amature Radio Operator who acted as the point man for all Communications between the “Can Do” the “Global Hope” the USCG 44 on Duty the Salem CG and The Boston CG. The Radio Operator had Recorded the Complete Scene from start to Finish-from the “Mayday” that started the search to the finding of the Crew of the “Can Do” after the storm. He was wheel chair bound from an Industrial Accident and had become Amature Ham Operator who was known to all of the local Departments-Fire-Police-USCG-for his help in Search and Rescue. (This was a number of years ago and I am a Bit Hazy on all of the Details.)
I tuned in somewhere around Portland and listened all the way to Providence as Events of the Evening were Played with comments from the Radio Man about his part in the search interspersed with questions from Larry Glick.

Anyone who is familiar with that era of Talk Radio in Boston will know that the “Larry Glick Show” was the Pinnicle of Classy Talk Radio eminating out of the Boston Metro Area. An archive link to this Radio Show (If at all Possible) would be a wonderful addition to Your Tribute to these Brave Men.