Dino Chouest/USS Independence tow


oh well, at least they are close to home


Actually, I was hoping they would make it incident free.

The interesting thing to watch is if a CG-2692 will be submitted…


Dissapointed that she blew the port main engine yesterday?

Just a small delay. 24hr difference on delivery date. I’m sure it’s in the window of the contract.

I’ve never been on one of the big ones but don’t they have 2 port and 2 stbd mains per se?


2 x MaK 16M32C (2 x 8,000 kW)


'The Dove towed and serviced the SBX from Seattle to Hawaii and as far as Korea." Yea right


Just watched the Independence clear the jetties on the way to the Port of Brownsville.


Dino Chouest Trip Totals:
Total Days Underway: 80 Days
Total Distance Run: Approx. 16,000 NM
Approx. Avg Speed: 8.3 Knots

Wow! Sounds like a pretty impressive job… in anyone’s book!


It just proves what you can do when you have the “tool” for it.
Not too many US flag tugs that can do better.


Don’t poke the bear.





I had a different view.


Hats off to the Dino crew.


Word on the street is the ship-breaking company was so pleased with how well ECO did with this tow, they will be towing the next carrier to go. Well done ECO!