Dino Chouest/USS Independence tow


Do you really think who the crew are is top secret? There are people here who work for Chouest or know the people involved. We already know from someone earlier that the chief mate hasn’t towed anything since he graduated the academy. Maybe he’s the only inexperienced person and they just moved him over from the mud boats for his license, I don’t know. Other people that do know who’s onboard may chime in. (My comment about not utilizing experienced tow operators was aimed at the chief mate not having any experience. Maybe there’s tons of experience onboard and he’s the “new guy” they’re mentoring.)


It sounds like that situation may describe the scenario I outlined exactly. It also sounds like a pretty good way for a company to grow its talent pool.


For what it’s worth the Crosby Leader towed the Ranger by herself.


Maybe so, but it still took 150 days, and the Crosby Leader is a pretty awesome Tug. The Corbin Foss with the Connie, definitely resorted to tandem towing at times, and still took 150 days.


I am surprised you are even engaging in this barber shop talk.:slight_smile:


I thought the only time any of the 3 used help was going through the straights. I could be wrong. And I’d pick the Corbin Foss over the Leader any day.


I know right… :slight_smile:

I think it was the comment I wasn’t a good conversationalist got me going…lol




The leader had help from Panama Canal.



I found this on Facebook:


That answered several questions raised, among them who is the charterer/contract awarder, but not whether it is a lump sum or day rate contract. (The last may be assumed from the answer though)


Dove serviced the SBX, never towed it. She has her own propulsion.


I guess the SBX is pushing the wire & Dove forward I suppose.


I guess if you call pier to sea bouy in Pearl Harbor, a five mile distance, a tow.


Certainly - without question.


That must be a large pushing wire.




Well, She’s just above Venezuela. Looks like the pumpkin haters are gonna be disappointed.


Dissapointed that she blew the port main engine yesterday?