Your opinion counts! Feedback on maritime innovation

Hi there!

My team and I are developing a product to reduce deficiencies and off-hire on the vessels while providing companies with real-time data about the condition of the ship.

We’re currently in beta and testing the product with a closed group of partners.

I’m managing the stakeholders’ discovery project, meaning that I talk with different people in diverse positions to understand how we can better help them to save time and make their life easier.

I’d like to receive your feedback on the product and conduct a quick interview to determine how we can improve!

Doing so, you can contribute with your perspective and, one day, you might be the reason why many of your colleagues will have a much easier and better life at work :slight_smile:

Let me know if you’d be willing to discover more about it and give us your professional opinion.

Your opinion really counts for us and I look forward to learning from your experience.

Thank you so much in advance for every person who will share his thoughts with us!

Have a wonderful day,