Yet ANOTHER reason not to carry cargo that speaks


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[B]Women assault cops in melee on cruise ship[/B] [I]Sunday, June 21, 2009[/I]
[I]Last updated 6:42 p.m. PT[/I]
Two police officers were assaulted by women as they responded to a huge brawl aboard a cruise ship early Sunday on the Seattle waterfront.
The officers responded to the scene at about 1:40 a.m. after receiving a 911 call about a large-scale disturbance aboard a cruise ship docked in the 1100 block of Alaskan Way.
When police arrived, they found a chaotic scene of more than 100 people on the dock, many of them shouting and arguing. Officers then learned that some passengers were still physically fighting aboard the ship.
Officers moved to the dock to begin clearing the ship, where they found a small group of people blocking the gangway and preventing passengers from leaving the vessel.
The officers ordered the group to clear the gangway to allow others to leave the ship, but they refused to do so and officers were forced to physically move the group out of the way.
While police were moving the group off the gangway, a woman in the group suddenly assaulted a male officer by jumping on his back, grabbing his throat and scratching him. She was arrested.
A second woman in the group assaulted a female officer, grabbing and scratching her throat. The second woman was also arrested.
Both women were booked into the King County Jail for investigation of assault on an officer.
The officers treated their wounds at the precinct headquarters.
The original cause of the onboard fight was not definitively determined beyond consistent reports that four women started fighting onboard and the fight escalated from there into a huge free-for-all.
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I’ve seen a bunch of fights between LEO’s and drunks…Mardi Gras and the Ft. Worth Stock Show come to mind. There’s always more than one cop and they stick together (as they should). Ultimately, I haven’t seen the drunk win yet. I’ve seen some win the battle, but not the war!

Girls fighting cops…I’m glad I never carried passengers on ships. It’s pretty easy on airplanes. You tell them to sit down and shut up or you’ll call the federal authorities. If they don’t, you do, and the guys with guns come arunnun’. Debate over. I guess it’s not that easy in port.

Last fight I had aboard ship I just fired the participants. They were all too beat up to offer any argument. They just packed their rags and left.

Sometimes I think flying for UPS or FedEx is a pretty good gig. Two guys, one airplane and a bunch of boxes.

I don’t know what it pays to run cruise ships, but I’m confident it’s not enough. And I’ll bet it ain’t “The Love Boat”.




Sometimes I think flying for UPS or FedEx is a pretty good gig. Two guys, one airplane and a bunch of boxes.

And there is always a chance you can become a CASTAWAY


C_A, this is the second time I have seen this topic come up from you…I think that there must be a few incidents from you past that are still haunting you…I think it’s time for you to share some of them with the crew here and clear your conscience…:wink:


[quote=Mr 100-ton;14298]

[U][I][B]Sometimes I think flying for UPS or FedEx is a pretty good gig. Two guys, one airplane and a bunch of boxes.[/B][/I][/U]

And there is always a chance you can become a CASTAWAY[/quote]

I can think of worse things than being stuck on a island by myself. Leaving Helen Hunt behind (or leaving Helen Hunt’s behind) is one of them.





your a baaaddd man

you would give up Helen???