Yangtze: 400 people aboard, only 7 rescued

Boat in China’s Yangtze River sinks with more than 400 people aboard, only 7 rescued. http://gcaptain.com/chinese-river-vessel-is-sinking-in-storm-458-people-aboard/

nice how the master and chief are survivors…I sense another SEWOL or COSTA CONCORDIA all over again!

here’s a photo of the fine vessel

[QUOTE=c.captain;163264]here’s a photo of the fine vessel


Low freeboard, high sail area. Wind heel might have pushed it past deck edge submersion causing flooding thru open doors etc. Awful.

China Bans Journalists From Traveling to Yangtze Shipwreck Site http://t.co/2HiqFq1qa5

I’ll bet it was loaded with too many pax, as well. wonder if any “sailor-alt” modifications as often found on these boats