Waiting on coast guard to approve 100 ton, STCW BT, assitance towing, oupv.

Frustrating process. Got everything in and checked it all to the T. Got an email back asking for the fee when I sent receipt pdf format in with everything else BUT I digress.

The goal is to move from bareboats here in south Florida to captaining boats that make serious passages around the world.

I believe in order to achieve that down the road, I will need RYA credentials. I am VERY confused looking up what it takes to achieve this.

I read a few people stating they used their USCG credential to substitute for exams and still had to do a practical exam.

What exactly is the process to obtain a yachmaster ticket?

I know I need a different physical eng 1 I believe, but what exams, courses etc do I need? How do I document sea service with them? Same type of form or does it need something else.

I am trying to look this up on my own but am mostly getting stuck with school advertisements and detail scewed long winded autobiographical time wasters.

Can anyone sum this up for me?

MCA not RYA must be your goal. Go talk to one of the crew agencies or management companies in Fort Lauderdale. Good luck.

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Yup. When I lived in Ft. Lauderdale, I had discussions with a couple of crew agencies for part time work on my time off as CE on an ATB. Couldn’t get a workable schedule, and, to be honest, not sure that I had the attitude for the job. . . . but yeah, lots of crewing agencies in the area.

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Understand. I was told a long time ago by one of those agencies that my charm duration may not be long enough for that type of work.


Call MPT in Ft. Lauderdale.

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You beat me to it, just what I was going to suggest.

@Jeffro MPT in Ft. Lauderdale is by far your best bet for getting this sorted out. If you can then go and see them in person and talk to the ladies in the front office. Be real clear about what you have now and where you’re trying to get to in the future. They will set you straight, no problem.


MPT will provide answers but the reason I linked the Bluewater info is they have facilities in Antibes as well as Fort Lauderdale and might be a better long term relationship for a yachtie. If the OP lives in Lauderdale then further USCG training can be done at MPT.

Did my stcw at MPT. Really great program. Thanks everyone.

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